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The use of any two weapons in a game where no skill is needed to get kill by the combined use of the two weapons.
For example in Halo 2 the most know noob combo is using the Plasma pistol and the assault rifle, the player charges the Pistol and in one shot take the enemies shields out and that quick switches to the other gun and with one shot kills the opponent. And least we forget the universal noob gun……The Shotgun and Sniper rifle, and together you can’t get anymore noob….Just remember NOBODY likes a camper.
Beküldő: Jake 2006. június 17.
Almost like "oh shit".
Oh snap! I farted so hard my asshole flew right off.
Beküldő: Jake 2004. július 24.
A Good Punk Band produced by John Feldmann.
The Used kick ass
Beküldő: Jake 2003. december 12.
the genital area
she: I've never seen his pubes, I unzip him and blow him but we've never been naked together.

he: She's got great pubes, the first giveaway was her camel toe, then once I had her pants off, her labia look great and she actually SHAVES it !
Beküldő: Jake 2004. február 20.
Taking a big dump; pooping
Is there a toilet around? I gotta drop it like its hot
Beküldő: Jake 2005. január 3.
a 5-cent coin
Let me see your nipple, er, I mean NICKEL !
Beküldő: Jake 2004. február 20.
my mom is the fattest most grossest uglyest bitch ever to walk the earth
and has a dick
damn that person looks like my mom
Beküldő: jake 2003. április 6.
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