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21 definitions by Gordon

Time wasting/feckin' around
Stop faffing around and do the dishes!
Beküldő: Gordon 2003. április 2.
417 114
Facial hair that is so sparse it can be considered as good as the fluff on one's bottom
That's not a moustache - that's bum fluff
Beküldő: Gordon 2003. április 2.
258 82
A "dutch" in this context, is a spliff, or hand rolled marijuana cigarette. The phase is used when requesting that a comrade lend you his for a sample toke.

(Thanks, Missy Elliot!)
Cmon, pass the dutch baby!
Beküldő: Gordon 2003. október 3.
217 62
Filipino(Visayan) word for "SEX".
iyot tayo!

let's have sex!
Beküldő: GORDON 2004. február 16.
219 79
Ellen loves to swallow my manjuice.
Beküldő: gordon 2003. január 20.
110 24
hours upon hours of crazy kinky mindblowing sex. great way of living out all of one's fantasies. (lots of stamina required)
Beküldő: gordon 2003. április 30.
49 12
Highly sought after by certain ladies, this delicacy is another term for the spitroast, where two gentlemen entertain one lady at the same time. Usually orally and vaginally, but other configurations are possible. The lady is obviously the "Tuna" in the aforementioned sandwich.
"My twin brother rang me and told me that his new girlfriend was hot for a threesome, but I wasn't sure until she came on the line and insisted on it. So I ended up serving up a hot tuna sandwich that afternoon."
Beküldő: Gordon 2003. szeptember 16.
39 10