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4 definitions by Gloppy

(n) A slang term used to describe the Brookhaven station located along the MARTA transit system in Atlanta.
We'll meet up at Brookheezy and do some serious ass kicking.
Beküldő: Gloppy 2004. március 15.
(n) A slang term for dunkin' donuts.
Yo nig, let's hit up dunkin' nig later.
Beküldő: Gloppy 2004. március 15.
one whose ass is hoish
u bess shut da fuck up wit chu 'n yo ho ass
Beküldő: gloppy 2003. december 28.
(n) Chiba is how retarded fucks spell the word cheeba. It is one of the better terms used to describe marijuana.
"Yeah I smoke cheeba, it helps me with my brain. I might be a little dusted but I'm not insane." - MCA
Beküldő: Gloppy 2004. március 16.