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the act of bopping haphazardly around the internet by hitting the "stumble" button on an installed "StumbleUpon.com" toolbar added to your browser--the button will take you to a random site of interest to you (based on preferences you set up before) that you are lead to "stumble upon" because others with similar interests liked it. "Stumbling" the internet is fast becoming an activity as understandable to computer regulars as what simple googling is known to be.
Yeah, ever since Roger downloaded his new SU toolbar, he's off stumbling for hours and tells all his friends googling for fun stuff can't hold a match to the great sites he finds when stumbling.
Beküldő: galcoolest 2005. július 29.
n. an unskilled, underpaid, overworked landscaping business day laborer
Sho, Brunie be nuthin' buh dam mower meat, buh leece he be ow-sy, bro.
Beküldő: galcoolest 2005. március 1.
n. a term used in Florida (at least), and usually in convenience store type settings, for the 4 inch long glass tube that features a tiny plastic rose inside but is known by all, including the authorities, to really be intended for use as a crack cocaine smoking pipe. (A Tampa newscaster recently shocked many by presenting an expose on the sale of "roses" from behind the counters of several small grocery stores!)
Yeah, whattup Fergie! Give me two packsa Kool cancers and 3 roses, k bro?
Beküldő: galcoolest 2005. március 10.
adv., v. or adj. to be found out, caught, exposed somehow.-- verb form: to out or expose.
Yeah, Gerald be dun nuded on dat bogus rap he toll his ole lady bout lass night. She got da truff from Sheri, an he be mash now.

Giffy nuded Ty big time on the deal that really went down.
Beküldő: galcoolest 2005. július 16.
noun, adv.
the state of being engaged in an apparently genuine, but wholly faked, cellular conversation so you can stay safely distanced from everyone and everything going on around you. Also known as cellular faux and cellshielding.
Brenda quickly resorted to pulling a phonyphone when she saw Mark turn the corner coming her way.
Beküldő: galcoolest 2005. július 30.
n. Only way to pronounce and refer to the retail chain otherwise known as Target-- especially if you are under 40 and have ever even heard of a Target store.
Am I trying to find it at Walmart? No way man, this is going need a trip to Tar-zchay.
Beküldő: galcoolest 2005. július 9.
v. when a female PRETENDS to be completely touched, upset, hurt or saddened by some event or another person's words or actions, and either fakes crying or manages to produce real tears, solely in order to impress, guilt trip, manipulate, or punish/pay back another other person.
May be a tactic during mushy movies to get attention, but most often a female tissue times to win disputes, inflict emotional distress through guilt, or for material gain (to get an item she wants).

n. the incident during which the female has the manufactured crying jag.
Illeana dun tissued timed Ferdy all dang nite fo he 'pologized bout blowin big green fo Slim's Caddie, an dun swear he still be fixin to git her da fur.
Beküldő: galcoolest 2005. február 28.
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