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34 definitions by Gadget King

A person that always jumps to conclusions, no matter what is meant or said.
Julie is such a conclusionist, when I told her I would like to look at cars, she jumped to the conclusion that I want to buy another car.
Beküldő: Gadget King 2011. szeptember 25.
A fart that does not totally leave the body, running up and down the intestines and partially releases itself
I had some gabbage last night, now i have an attack of ass grunts
Beküldő: Gadget King 2011. január 18.
A slang phrase telling somebody "no ways, my mate".
A friend of mine asked me if he could borrow my car. Since I had no mind of doing so, I answered:

kiss my nuts, my friend!
Beküldő: Gadget King 2011. január 19.
a male sex organ, used for urination and pleasurable indulgencies
after severe fondling, my sucking valve was cocked for action and my girlfriend utilised my sucking valve to its full potential
Beküldő: Gadget King 2011. január 18.
Any area in a city or town where sex workers congregate to be picked up.
Tommy was feeling very lonely so he went to the hozone to pick up a woman.
Beküldő: Gadget King 2011. január 17.
The act of people causing a nuisance or making a noise.
I could not hear the TV, as the children were noising too much.
Beküldő: Gadget King 2011. január 14.
The pieces of crap clinging to the side of the toilet bowl during heavy bowel movements.
After a fit of diarrhea, the side of the toilet was plastered with sCRAPnel
Beküldő: Gadget King 2011. november 17.