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130 definitions by GaaraoftheDamned

An awesome 2009 Rock music comedy that is horribly underrated. Known as "Pirate Radio" in the U.S., the film is about a group of Renegade Rockers in the 1960s broadcasting Rock n' Roll to the people of Britan all day, every day in a boat off the coast of Britan, when most stations only played jazz. The team is lead by an American DJ simply known as The Count (Phillip Seymour Hoffman). The music and antics attract the attention of Minister Dormandy (Kenneth Branaugh), who plans to shut them down.

Unsuprisingly the film is inspired by the pirate radio stations of the 1960s. The film was laregly panned by critics but is an overall awesome film that you should give a chance (at least) before you die.
I don't feel like watching "The Dark Knight". Let's watch "The Boat that Rocked" instead.
Beküldő: Gaaraofthedamned 2011. január 3.
Term applying to a suburban housewife who spends most of her time looking after her kids, taking them to and from school, little league sports games, music lessons, etc., in lieu of a career. There are essentially two kinds of soccer moms:
-The bad kind: the one most other soccer mom definitions on this site target. The ones that take rather conservative views and approaches to life, having negative perceptions on most forms of modern music, video games, TV shows that don't feature characters like Spongebob and Mickey Mouse, and any and all signs of non-conformity. The type that feel anything that isn't considered "family friendly" (at least by their standards) should be outlawed.
-The good kind: a soccer mom who hates being such. Chances are that the soccer mom life isn't what they want; either they had bigger dreams and ambitions that never took off or didn't get far, or who convinced themselves they were happy and didn't see the truth until it was too late. Much more tolerant of outside influences and non-family friendly things (so long as no one is forcing them onto their children). Soccer moms like these tend to escape their dull lives by reading romantic-often dirty-novels and frequently getting drunk on wine.
Not all Soccer Moms are stuck up bitches who think their children come before anything and everything else in this world.
Beküldő: Gaaraofthedamned 2014. április 7.
A theatrical movie, usually a major blockbuster, that runs past it's designated release season (i.e. summer releases playing into fall, holiday movies in January or later, etc.) to the point where only a few theaters are showing them anymore, and there are usually less than ten people in the audience, and chances are most of them already saw it during it's initial release period.
Jane: Hey you wanna catch that new superhero flick this weekend?

Bob: I don't know, the theaters will be awfully crowded since it'll be just coming out. Let's wait a month or so until it becomes a lame duck film.
Beküldő: GaaraoftheDamned 2013. november 21.
The feeling after New Years for the first part of January where you realize the holidays are officially over and not only will you have to wait 11 months to re-experience the joy you felt during this time, you have to return to the norm (school, work, etc.) knowing there won't be much to look forward to for a while unfortunately. Usually lasts about a week to a month, though extreme cases may not wear off until spring.

Similar to Holiday Withdrawal
Poor Tom. He's started his holiday comedown knowing Christmas is over and he has to go back to school on Monday.
Beküldő: Gaaraofthedamned 2012. január 1.
To claim something is going to happen, then when it doesn't happen, just change the date and watch it not happen again. Named after the radio preacher who predicted the world would end on May 21, 2011 only to change it to October 21 later. Naturally nothing happened either time.
Guy 1: Okay I know I was wrong about zombies rising from their graves last night, so I went back to the rock where I first saw the prediction and realized it said May 16 not Mar. 16.

Guy 2: Dude just stop it. Do you know how badly you're Harold Camping right now?
Beküldő: Gaaraofthedamned 2011. december 28.
Common topic of discussion for Steven Hyde (Danny Masterson) on "That 70's Show" while in the circle smoking pot.

Basically what he's talking about is a car where you put water in the gas tank instead of gas. The demand for water would be so high that everyone would buy all the water, leaving us with nothing to drink except beer-and the government hides the car from the public because they know that beer will set us free.
So their's this car that runs on water.....
Beküldő: Gaaraofthedamned 2011. augusztus 17.
Term applying to combat games. When your computer-cotrolled opponent is almost impossible to hurt because they are using defense (or any method to avoid harm) at least 93% of the time. Almost certain to turn a terrific victory into a frustrating (and-if other people are present-humiliating) defeat.
I had a great run in Mortal Kombat until Johnny Cage started using overdefense and cost me everything.
Beküldő: Gaaraofthedamned 2011. július 28.