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4 definitions by Funny Guy

Its the kinda thing that makes u just say..Holy Shit!!!!! Its one of the most repulsive pussies around.
OMG Kayla has a total Bergina Monster
Beküldő: Funny Guy 2005. szeptember 6.
An awesome way off saying shit!!!
Man thats some bull schmate
fuck u schmate head
u smell like some nasty schmate
Beküldő: Funny Guy 2003. szeptember 7.
A Stupid Person
Shut up u damn towel
your a towel
Beküldő: Funny Guy 2003. szeptember 7.
A face that is included in the territorial expansion of the western world, mainly in algeria.
The man located to the left of my uncle's pimp moble is funny funny?
Beküldő: Funny Guy 2003. június 17.