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(noun) - the action or systems necessary to compensate for a work environment in which authority to resolve a problem is chronically pushed up to the apex of an organization and accountability for having the problem solved is pushed down to the organization's lowest-ranking members.

Turd pumping, which is the verb form, is normally encouraged by punishing the subordinate worker for the non-compliance of his superiors.

Etymology: Because shit only flows downhill, anybody trying to make shit flow uphill must be using a pump.
Example 1: In a restaurant, the servers are made responsible for customer satisfaction but are denied the authority to order the kitchen to reheat cold food. One turd-pump method is to ask the waitress who is sleeping with the manager to take the food back to the kitchen for reheat.

Use in sentence: Janet can turd pump that steak back through the kitchen for you because the chef knows that the boss is hiding the sausage in her pantry.

Example 2 (use in sentence): Subordinate worker "begging for review" of document that subordinate worker is not allowed to file or submit to clients until the documents are reviewed by a superior, where the subordinate will be punished if results are not timely.

Use in sentence: The reason that Liu can't the client's assignment out on time is that you need a 3-phase turd pump to get the partners to sign anything this week.
#responsibility dislocation #shit flows downhilll #power vaccuum #black hole #responsibility decoupling
Beküldő: Frustrated_Monolingual 2010. január 1.
ESD - publicly acceptable shorthand for the sentence, "Eat shit and die." Commonly followed by a proper noun of address. Typically used in situations where the word shit is not allowed to be used, or where the available number of display characters is limited, e.g. license plates and public signs.
Mr. Jones, I want you to go into the lounge of the common area at Walton Hall tonight and write on the chalkboard, "ESDW. XOXO, H."
#eat shit #suck ass #bite ass #fuck off #fuck yourself
Beküldő: Frustrated_Monolingual 2009. december 31.
(noun) - a turd delivered, due to the expectation of its raw heinousness, on the bathroom of another floor in your office building.
Yeah, Ben thinks he's cutting a stealthturd on 3rd floor every week. What he doesn't know is that the receptionist on the other side of the wall can hear him grunting.
#turd #poop #sneaky #smelly #rancid
Beküldő: Frustrated_Monolingual 2009. szeptember 11.
Bonebait - a junior coworker who is so hot that her superiors would gladly risk their employment and a sexual harassment lawsuit in exchange for a sexual encounter with her
Example one: So, I'm sitting in the breakroom, pouring a cup of coffee, when that pile of smokin' bonebait that you call a secretary walks in. I poured her a cup, and she starts telling me about how bad her marriage is, and I thought, "Wow, half the lawyers in this town would gladly get a second divorce for a shot at this."

Example two: Yeah, your secretary looks pretty good... for her age... but you know that, twenty years ago, she was total bonebait.
#hawt #hot #sex at work #sexual harassment #hostile work environment
Beküldő: Frustrated_Monolingual 2009. szeptember 22.
(N) A situation in which multiple levels of the chain of authority recurringly issue conflicting instructions or directives for appropriate action and punish any the inevitable resulting violations. Whichever side of the subordinate lands on, he will get the crap knocked out of him by someone.
This job is total fail pong. I go to the boss and tell him the solution is Y. The boss orders me to do X. I then get an email from the boss's boss asking why the fuck I did X instead of Y, and then I get bitched out by the client. No matter which way you go, you're screwed.
#kobyashi maru #catch 22 #micromanagement #crazy boss #dysfunctional office
Beküldő: Frustrated_Monolingual 2010. január 27.
(noun) - a legal service in which the nature of the work being performed, such as patent prosecution or document review, discourages contact with other human beings and alienates the worker from the broader legal context of the transaction for which the work is being performed.
Sally, who could have avoided her current fate by shagging one of her firm's partners while she was still young and hot, thought that going to biglaw would mean glamorous jury arguments, but her resume is now worthless, because she's been doing nothing but cavelaw for three years as she typed up summaries of documents for month after month.
#mushroom work #dungeon law #contract work #doc review #patent prosecution
Beküldő: Frustrated_Monolingual 2009. szeptember 13.
Adjective - in a state of complete disorder such that it appears that the situation is being directed by angry baboons.
The thing that's making my schedule so zooperb these days is that the guys who are complaining about the timeliness of my work product are the same guys who are refusing to let me start work until they sign off on the proposals and recommendations that have been rotting on their desks for the past two months.
#foobar #snafu #cf #gridlock #biffed
Beküldő: Frustrated_Monolingual 2009. augusztus 26.
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