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The "Steel City" of Canada located in southern, Ontario. Hamiton's poulation is approx. 500,000 people. Hamilton is split in two between the downton core and the more suburban mountain. The mountain is actually the 300 foot Niagara Escarpment.

Some areas of Hamilton are nice like Westdale and McMaster University, Hess Street, Dundas and the Dundas Valley, and Ancaster. However, the north end of Hamilton is vile and horrific.

The north end is home to two of Canada's largest steel works (Stelco and Dofasco). The revolting brown, crumbling mass of factories, slag heaps, and smog turns the image of Hamilton into a city that is a shithole that isn't fit for human habitation.

Hamiltonians also have an inferiority complex next to its larger neighbour, Toronto. However, Hamitonians know that by risking higher rates of cancer, deformed children, and the awful eggy-smell due to the steel works, the rent and quality of life is great.
He likes to have sex with furry animals, he must be from Hamilton.

Criminals from Toronto are exiled to Hamilton.

Motorist passing on the QEW: "speed up, this place stinks like eggy farts."

Fuck you, I'm from Hamilton and I think it's great you bloody snob.
Beküldő: Dundasian 2005. február 6.
A small town located in Southern Ontario which has an exceptionally high teen pregancy rate and where the mullet is still the height of fashion. Dundas has recently lost its town charter and has been incorporated in the city of Hamilton. Any place that has been incorporated into Hamilton is one large step closer to hell.
Don't sit on the park benches in Dundas, you may get pregnant.

If you are from Dundas and you complete High School, you are a fucking genious.

I thought being tortured and being force fed my own genitals was terrible until I realised I lived in Dundas.
Beküldő: Dundasian 2005. február 6.
Movement to music which the 99.9 % of heterosexual men hate to do. Men only dance becasue girls/chicks/birds nag them to do it and occasionally with hold sex if they don't.
I fucking hate dancing but I want to get in this chicks pants so I better go dance with her.

I can only dance when I'm totally tanked.

I'd rather hang out at the back with the boys and drink rather than looking like a homo on dance floor.
Beküldő: Dundasian 2005. február 6.
A screwed up town of 200,000+ in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. The main local economy centres around the automotive indsutry, strip clubs, gambling, and ripping off drunk young Yanks.

Windsor is home to one of the worst universities in Canada that is located next to the busiest Transport Truck border crossing in the world.

The highest geographic point in the city is the old landfill and the citizens of Windsor have penis envy for Detroit, which isn't saying much.

The inbred citizens of Windsor are the most Americanised population in Canada. Windsorians also mispronounce all the street names in their city. Pierre Street is pronounced "Pie-re." Enough said.
I'm as stupid as thick shit and can't string two words together, so I went to the University of Windsor... and passed with Honours.

Windsor is the asshole of Ontario.

The gene pool in Windsor is disgustingly shallow.
Beküldő: Dundasian 2005. február 6.
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