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The only truth left in music.
Jazz... man. I wish people actually appreciated music for what it does to you mentally, and not what the singer does for you sexually.
Beküldő: DrumUltimA 2004. május 17.
Very similar to a xylophone, this instrument is metallic and uses a moter to resonate the sound. It is also the best instrument ever.
omg dude that doug perry kid it the best vibraphone player i've ever heard in my life DAINK
Beküldő: DrumUltimA 2003. március 14.
Doug Perry's screen name is DrumUltimA. I wish I could be more like him.
Beküldő: DrumUltimA 2003. március 14.
Doug Perry
That Doug Perry is such a prodegy, we should make a religion based on him.
Beküldő: DrumUltimA 2003. augusztus 7.
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