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One serious badass. Possibly THE MOST bamf superhero to date.

He rips through the streets of a quarantined, zombie-infested Manhattan killing Marines, and anyone who stands in his way.

He has superhuman strength, speed, and hops. His arms turn into a variety of deadly blade-like weapons. He can consume people to replenish his health, see their memories, and take their physical appearance. He consumes people that know how to drive/fly military vehicles such as apc's, tanks, and helicopters, all of this which he can hijack at any given time and kick serious ass behind the driver's seat. He's also got a magical hoodie that somehow manages to stay on his head no matter from how high he falls, how much he rolls, how many missiles get shot at him. Did I mention he can pretty much fly?

Alex Mercer can be seen in the game Prototype, where he finds himself trying to figure out who made him into this mutant badass, after which he makes them pay.
Clueless Civilian: WHOA! Who the fuck is that guy??? He's fucking killing everybody walking on the street!!! HOLY SHIT! How did he smash that car with his bare hands? Wait...what the fuck, his hands turned into fuckin CLAWS?? OH MY FUCKING GOD those marines didn't stand a chance in hell! Oh shit...he's coming this way!!! UUUHHH! *dies*

Another civilian brutally slaughtered by the badass known as Alex Mercer.
Beküldő: Dr Grammar 2009. augusztus 30.
A noun describing "religious enthusiasts"

The main distinction between a christfag and a normal polite Christian person is that a christfag's religious discussion to his or her fellow christfag will make any non-christfag bystanders who just happen to be in earshot, want to claw their own brains out.
christfag 1: Do you believe that jesus should've helped those people even though they were clearly bad and undeserving

christfag 2: Well, it IS the christian way to help everyone and love equally

bystander: (thinks) oh my god, somebody fucking kill me right now


*bystander 2 kills both christfags and they live happily ever after*
Beküldő: Dr Grammar 2010. július 6.
An unenthusiastic way of saying yes, a half-hearted yes.

A combination of the word "yeah" and "meh" making it kind of a yes.
Guy 1: Isn't she so fucking hot???

Guy 2: Yeh, I guess, she's kinda chunky
Beküldő: Dr Grammar 2009. szeptember 1.
A type of mental breakdown. When one's inhibitions of maturity, gained from years of life experience, are temporarily stripped away, this results in complete juvenile behavior such as cracking up at incredibly lame jokes that would normally entertain an undeveloped mind.

The only known cause is extreme boredom. When one is bored beyond belief, their subconscious mind must use its surroundings to entertain itself, even though there is nothing of actual entertainment value in the immediate surroundings, resulting in one exhibiting completely juvenile traits.

To treat a case juvenile breakdown, the victim or someone close to him/her must seek an outlet to quell the excessive boredom of the victim.
Josh was in summer school today and he was so bored he started jumping up onto his desk, dancing and making monkey noises. Josh must have had a juvenile breakdown.
Beküldő: Dr Grammar 2009. július 21.
When you take a particularly large, and thus painful, shit. A shit that gives you the feeling of a gaping wide asshole and/or a rip in it or the passageway leading to it, and also would give you trouble walking straight for a while. Similar to the feeling you would get whilst getting fucked up the ass by a big black dick in prison. Essentially, a shit that is equal to the size of a black dick.
I had some of George's awesome homemade chili that his mom made for him, the one with mystery meat. Not a good idea, I ended up having to take a prison shit.
Beküldő: Dr Grammar 2010. október 12.
The degree of inaccurate portrayal in the attractiveness of a woman by pictures of them posted online, typically by the said woman or her friends on sites like facebook. Due to the hotness distortion coefficient, a picture could be an inaccurate gauge of how hot a woman is if you have never met the woman in question irl. The decimal approximation for the value of the HDC is ±1.273
Hotness distortion coefficient(face+tits+ass+overall body shape-fat)/5
=predicted attractiveness based on picture

*all values (eg face, tits, etc.) are taken out of the classic scale of 10
Beküldő: Dr Grammar 2011. december 14.
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