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47 definitions by Cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada

1. towards the north pole
2. as "The North" the upper half(or so) of USA
3. up or higher, referring to the direction on a wall map.
1. Let's go north & see the polar bears
2. The North is only good for one thing: damnyankees
3. a brand new Mercedes 450SL will cost you somewhere north of $80,000CAD
Beküldő: Cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada 2012. október 2.
A woman who indulges a kink involving the wearing of metal braces
Ever since being raised in a polio hospital, John has had a lust for iron maidens, girls who dress in only metal polio back & leg braces
Beküldő: Cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada 2010. augusztus 23.
any stylish adornment of one's head (eg headphones, earrings, hairbands, scrunchies, skull spikes, etc.)
skullcandy may be a company that makes outrageously coloured headphones, but who gives them the exclusive right to the term skull candy? I define my beaded headband as skull candy and fuck anyone who says differently!
Beküldő: Cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada 2010. november 10.
1. in 1977, "carbon copy", for the pre-photocopier way of manually making copies of a letter
2. now, "courtesy copy"; either a 2nd copy of a letter or of an email sent to another recipient

Related to BCC Blind carbon/courtesy copy -- referring to extra copoes secretly sent to others.
1. Remember those old triplicate forms when you made 2 carbon copies at the same time as an original?
2. When sending mass forwards of a funny joke or email, don't put everyone in the CC field, as that's risky for spam & viruses; use the BCC field for their emails & put your own in the TO:
Beküldő: Cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada 2010. november 2.
1) a male name
2) vomit
3) right (in directions)
Ok, Ralph, how do I get your house from mine?
ok, Louie, head left to Pine, do a louie then go half a mile to River Road, hang a ralph, keep heading down River til you get to a white 3-floor house, if there's a fat white woman mowing the lawn whose face makes you wanna ralph, that's mywife & you're here!

hang a louie on Pine, go 2 blocks, then do a ralph on 3rd. . . 2nd house on your left.
Beküldő: cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada 2013. június 6.