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49 definitions by Cole

a person that usses intravinis drugs
yeh tom shoots up, I hate bangers
Beküldő: Cole 2003. szeptember 14.
kill or outwit: often used while playing halo or other various games of the sort. also in games of competitive nature such as football and wrestling.
1. i'll pwn you, you noob

2.we'll pwn those noobs

3.we totally pwned
Beküldő: Cole 2005. február 4.
an exclamatory word one may use in an unespected situation. Like if someone steals something from you, you may say Butcha, da man stole my stuff
Butcha, he went and took my penicl
"is this mine?" "Butcha it mine!"
Beküldő: Cole 2004. február 20.
A racial slur people from Quebec. A mix of cank and frog.
Fucking krogs, no one likes them. I wish quebec would sink into the ocean.
Beküldő: cole 2006. december 1.
to shake and wiggle at the same time.
Watch me wibble
Beküldő: Cole 2003. augusztus 16.
furman university
im goin to furman university in south carolina
Beküldő: cole 2003. december 21.
Rumored to be the OC of Kansas, while its richer than most of the other counties around most people think of Mission Hills when they think of Johnson County. Mission Hills is rich as hell but the rest of the county isn't like that. I live in westwood myself, its about one square mile big. If you go to my school you'll find the people you expect to find, but don't associate me with those stupid mother fuckers. Not all of us are like that.
That fucker over in Wyandote tried to call me a rich boy because I live in Johnson County, little does he know that i worked hard and bought all my shit unlike the other fuckers in my school.
Beküldő: cole 2005. április 17.