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1. a browser based on ancient techbology

2. aside from downloading {firefox} the only thing it's good for is testing webpages
1. when was the last time they updated IE? the 30s?

2. I have to make sure my webpages work in IE because there are alot of idiots
Beküldő: Chipface 2005. március 11.
A WYISYG editor that is pure evil
I made a site in frontpage and it fucked up my code. Pure evil!
Beküldő: Chipface 2005. március 11.
The way to say fuck if you're a pussy.
You fucking pussy. If you're going to cuss then fucking do it.
Beküldő: Chipface 2005. április 9.
People that go see all the local bands play. Many of them are elitist fucks who need a swift kick in the ass.
Scene kids can polish my knob.
Beküldő: Chipface 2005. április 9.
something loud and obnoxious
goddamit my girlfriend's bitching again
Beküldő: Chipface 2005. július 10.
a disgrace to real men
stupid emo boy, what ever happened to real men?
Beküldő: Chipface 2005. február 3.
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