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Female version of bromance, can be used as a noun or verb.
"Shella and Monica's womance is hella tight!"

"Will you two stop your womancing for a minute and help me move this couch?"
#romance #bromance #bro #woman #portmaneau #female bonding #friendship
Beküldő: Carmelator 2013. október 9.
An affectionate name for the Nintendo Wii console. It is commonly used as a noun. It is also more commonly used by women than men. It is also mainly used by people in their pre-teens and early teens.
I will go and play my Wiity.
#wii #nintendo #console #affectionate name #wii console
Beküldő: Carmelator 2008. június 30.
Basicly saying very large or extremely huge. It is an adverb. It is pronounced like the word huge, except it adds an -ly to the end.
That elephant is hugily!
#huge #large #ginormus #very large #exteremly huge
Beküldő: Carmelator 2008. július 3.
Awesomeular is simular in usage to the word awesome and cool. Awesomeular can be used as an adverb. It means very cool or extremely awesome.
That picture of your snowboard is awesomeular!
#awesomelar #cool #awesome #very cool #extremely awesome
Beküldő: Carmelator 2008. június 30.
Someone who rides a scrambler with you and is your friend.
Amanda is my scrambler buddy.
A scrambler buddy is a great friend!
#amanda #scramblers #buddy #friend #silverwood
Beküldő: Carmelator 2008. július 4.
Someone, commomly a small business owner or a person high up in a major corporation/company who is consistantly on his or her cell phone, or cell phone headset.
Did you see the lady on that beer comercial! She was such a callaflower
#caulflower #bluetool #bluetooth #headset #cell phone
Beküldő: Carmelator 2008. június 30.
a. An Effel-like programming language that is much simpler than Java.

b. A red semi-presious stone.

c. A shade of red desembling them color of a ruby
a. puts 'What is your favorite color'
color = gets
puts 'I hate '+color+ '!'

b. Look at that huge ruby!!!

c. I liked the ruby paint better.
#effel #stone #programming #color #paint
Beküldő: Carmelator 2008. július 10.
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