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11 definitions by Britney

A female black person, commonly used for one black person to adress a black woman
" wats up my Nigress?"
Beküldő: Britney 2005. január 11.
183 61
a girl who is not hot, or pretty. Guys just say "shes alrite" so they dont have to say your ugly.
Do you like ashley?
"shes alrite"
Beküldő: Britney 2003. december 15.
45 28
Paige, ie from Degrassi coined this awesome phrase in season two: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.
Gross me green, like totally.
Beküldő: Britney 2005. március 30.
11 5
a cross between a slut and a biatch. it's not about how many people you fuck, it's how depraved you are with the ones you do.
damn, molly is a pathetic sleatch.
Beküldő: britney 2004. november 24.
1 0
a chuban is a very long dick that tastes like a hot dog
Just Timberlake, Says Britney Spears at the age of 11 has a very tasty chuban
Beküldő: Britney 2004. december 24.
3 6
Some one that brushes them selves agaisnt a wall.
Kyle is a wall raper, he likes to touch walls with his body while hes walking.
Beküldő: Britney 2004. március 2.
1 7
/me kicks you in the narbus
Beküldő: Britney 2003. szeptember 15.
3 13