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186 definitions by Black Flag

Hit UK TV show, that flopped when remade stateside. Proof that humour is on the whole non-exportable.
"The plot of Lesbian spank inferno?
Well, there is these five lesbian film makers who decide to hold a competion to see who can make the best.. er art film. So they show each other the films and the loser gets err... spanked."

"They all get spanked in that one don't they"

"Err thats right they decide that to spank just one is discrimatory, so they decide they... all... need a.... spanking..."

"You've been watching porn again haven't you?"

"Oh god yes I am so sorry!!!!"
(Series 2 episode 3)
Beküldő: Black Flag 2004. május 28.
88 14
Class traitor thatcherites
Most of tony blair and his cronies make thatcher look like a social reformer.
Beküldő: black flag 2004. június 24.
84 18
A cricket ground in South London
Surrey Play at the Oval
Beküldő: Black Flag 2004. május 28.
80 14
UK slang - London

A mildly offensive term of abuse normally directed at the wife. Used in conjunction with words like daft, stupid, silly etc. Popularised by the Alf Garnet characture in the sitcom 'Til Death Do Us Part'
"You silly moo"
Beküldő: black flag 2004. május 29.
232 168
Unreasoning and ill informed hatred of anything pertaining to europe.
It seams like 80% of the posters at urban dictionary are yankee europhobes.
Beküldő: black flag 2004. június 1.
82 20
1)Anything natural or otherwise painfully inserted into the rectum during sex.

2) Anything used to kill donkeys.
.. She them pulled out a 12" dildo and used it as a weapon of ass distruction.
Beküldő: black flag 2004. május 29.
82 30
A key part of the US electorial system.
The hanging chads swung the vote in favour of GW Bush
Beküldő: black flag 2004. május 31.
132 81