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A truly wonderful and imaginative show, one of the best originals Cartoon Network ever had. Beautiful animation and music, wacky characters and themes, a great sense of comedy and a big heart. Unusually complex characters, long ongoing arcs and young adult-oriented reference-laden humour makes for a viewing experience that is both highly comical and intelligent. Watching the hour long pilot is recommended for understanding the basic plot, although every episode is a laught riot you shouldn't miss.
"Did you watch Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends? Doesn't it have wonderful characters and an animation to die for? I whistle the theme song often, it's catchy."
Beküldő: BKMorris 2006. október 16.
A pretty good show on Cartoon Network with an interesting sense of style, colorful animation, and unusual, often absurd comedic situations. The show often utilizes morphing scene transitions, sentences spoken in Japanese language, and loud background music that comes from the titular band. Yes, the three main characters: Ami, Yumi and the band manager Caz are all based on real people. One of it's problems is that the secondary characters sometimes share a similar look, use the same wierd gestures, and some are just too one dimensional, grotesque, and unmemorable. Some people feel that the animation is derivative to Japanese anime, while making a mockery of the style. This is disputable, as the show's style is built upon Japanese culture, but it's drawn entirely in an American studio that uses it's own animation style.
"I kinda think Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi is good. It's genuinely original, playful and wacky, and I just love the main characters. It sure has flaws, but I can forgive them as they don't annoy me too much. I'm not a critic, I'm just having fun, and some of the maverick animation in this is stimulating, while the comedy is often so ridiculous you just have to laught and enjoy it."
Beküldő: BKMorris 2006. október 16.
A decent show on Cartoon Network. Juniper Lee fights to protect her hometown and citizens both human and magical from evil beings. She is "the chosen one", and her family and a talking Scottish puppy give her help and support she needs. It is vastly different from anything else on CN, so despite the lack of more interesting scripts, it fills a void created by the absence of other realistically animated, family friendly shows. It is also very respectful to minorities.
"I like The Life and Times of Juniper Lee. It has some annoying characters and storylines, not to mention a horrid theme song, but good Disney-like animation, light-hearted humour and family themes make it watchable. We haven't seen something like this on Cartoon Network for too long."
Beküldő: BKMorris 2006. október 16.
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