28 definitions by Ass

Suger water that has been turned into a dark brown, almost black, color.
Dude, why is this sugar water black?
Beküldő: ass 2003. április 4.
slang term for a bag of shwag that contains an amount big enough for a standard-sized blunt.
cost is usually $5.
You wanna go pick up a poundbag and take a ride?
Beküldő: ass 2003. január 29.
to be an asshole.

frequently written on the backs of taco shops.
Damn, he was romfing all over the place.

Dont be such a romf.
Beküldő: ass 2005. március 11.
a kickass guy who like to loose his pants.
Nathan ur pants have fallen down!!!!
Beküldő: ass 2005. március 2.
called when someones does not want to be the bitch of his friends and drive them around
No Banjo! youre driving
Beküldő: ass 2005. március 11.
the boobs dumbass!!!!!!!!
boobs/brests/the nipple things
Beküldő: ass 2003. március 8.
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