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275 definitions by Ashley

someone who is easily controlled, offers very little resistance to what someone else wants to do, and backs down easily
"Carrie is such a pushover," said Mark. "She never stands up for what she believes in and is always letting people walk all over her."
Beküldő: Ashley 2003. november 2.
833 132
To place any amount of fingers into a females vigina for pleasure
fingering feels so good!
Beküldő: ashley 2003. augusztus 23.
2027 1432
the crunkest county in Florida. Known as Jacksonville, Florida.
Beküldő: Ashley 2004. december 17.
597 79
Adj. Variation and shortening of the word 'fetching'. Used to describe something cool and trendy. General usage by females, teeny-boppers. You can almost hear it replied with "Like, totally!" Coined by the movie 'Mean Girls'.
"That new store, Siblings, is SO fetch!"
Beküldő: Ashley 2004. május 21.
921 434
Sexxiest man alive Lead singer and guitarist of the world's favorite punk band GREEN DAY(they give the best show) The American idiot pritty and demented at the same time
billie Joe= banging hotness
Beküldő: Ashley 2005. március 7.
732 292
crazy, pyschotic, off the wall, insane
Putting big saran wrap on the toilet is completly ludacris.
Beküldő: Ashley 2005. január 3.
678 289
to be really high off marijuana
Damn, I just smoked 5 blunts, I'm blown!
Beküldő: Ashley 2004. december 5.
510 266