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15 definitions by Ariana

area code of Sacramento aka Sac-Town
Beküldő: Ariana 2003. augusztus 10.
332 29
another name for the city Sacramento
we about to go kick-it in Sac-Town for a minute.
Beküldő: Ariana 2003. augusztus 4.
223 52
to sell drugs
Grindin' cousin, I got pot for a dozen---grindin-"Clipse"
Beküldő: Ariana 2003. augusztus 4.
207 107
A relationship that's lacking in all properties of your typical relationship and has become shit to deal with and be in.
Originated by Kady not knowing how to type.
'I'm sick and tired of staying with Bob. I'm getting out of this relationshit.'
Beküldő: Ariana 2004. december 14.
76 43
Be gone;leave
Jay-z's Song "poof, vamoose son of a bi***"
Beküldő: Ariana 2004. március 29.
52 20
When someone's being an idiot or moron. Also, if someone is being annoying.
"Dude, shut up. You're such a vaginahead!"
Beküldő: Ariana 2005. április 4.
18 7
a piece of nasal mucous
wipe that shnot off your face. its disgusting.
Beküldő: ariana 2003. november 7.
5 1