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47 definitions by Angie

the sexiest hairdo known to womankind, or at least to the japs of Toronto. Mmmm mmm mmm
Ethan Zohn, that Jewish hotty that one survivor had one sexy mother of a Jew-Fro
Beküldő: Angie 2003. november 10.
the cutest thing in tha whole world!!!
and also lucky cuzz her dad is tha finest guy ever!!! omfg!! eminem is fine!!!
Beküldő: angie 2003. augusztus 13.
It stand for Nigga On a Power Trip. It's when you see someone get power and then they act like a little bitch about it.
Our Grayhound busdriver was such a NOPT.
Beküldő: Angie 2005. március 10.
A run down area of town.
New Orleans nineth ward
Beküldő: Angie 2004. február 25.
This word is used when a person is rambling crap for quite some time and comes to a sudden realisation of what they are doing "anywhoozles" brings them back on the topic. Similar to anyway. Great way to get out of a situation and make like a tree and leave
Do you enjoy tandem bike riding? That was a strange thing to say anywhoozles im going this way now.
Beküldő: Angie 2005. január 9.
mixing cocaine with weed. straight from tha durty... 305!!
yo, u wanna hit dat dirty?
Beküldő: angie 2005. február 23.
A Gunk Princess is a girl (Or sometimes guy) who loves both Punk Music and Goth Music. People who are a Gunk Princess always dress original and are the arch nemesis of the poseur Avril.
sylents from livejournal
Beküldő: Angie 2004. május 25.