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94 definitions by Amber

to hook up with somebody
yo you needa nipit up wit da bitch
Beküldő: amber 2004. szeptember 3.
1 3
You use this when someone says something stupid.
person1:For sizzle!
Person@: YHER
Beküldő: amber 2004. április 9.
6 8
A word added to the word hot meaning anything or person so hot makes the sun look like a snow cone.
"Yo did you see that new Escalade it's Quddus HOt"
Beküldő: Amber 2003. november 24.
7 9
not your day (noch yo day)
Nick: Fuck, i hella fell on my fae in front of ellie,
Sa,: to bad, it is nacho day
Beküldő: Amber 2003. július 23.
2 4
I lieing, cheating, pusillanamous heap of recrement, that lures teenage girls into his perverse world of pedofelia.
I saw the Mighty Joshua lurking around the elemetary school looking for his next victim.
Beküldő: Amber 2004. november 13.
13 16
tamera mowry
who is tamera mowrys charater
Beküldő: amber 2003. március 26.
4 7
new zealand soda bread.
i absolutely love zoda.
Beküldő: amber 2004. december 16.
2 6