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A person who goes out of the way to diss Rap music, in the process attempting to piss off as many rap fans as possible. They are usually rock fans and frequent Hip Hop and R&B videos on Youtube and leave negative, single-minded and ignorant comments.
Hip hop hater leaving comment on T.I. video on youtube: "This fuckin sucks man, this ain't music this is just pointless noise - ahhh!!!!. Listen to System of a Down or Greenday - that's real music."

Angry rap fan: "Why did you click on the video on the first place, if you don't like it don't watch it, retard! We don't go on rock videos and say "This sucks, rap music is waaaay better!"
#hip #hop #haters #stupid #pointless #stereotyped #ignorant #rant
Beküldő: Amachronic 2007. augusztus 21.
When you have a sudden, random, inexplainable urge to buy something: for no particular reason. And you end up regretting wasting money on said thin, when you never use it.
Derek: I was in a mosque in Turkey and I just totally had to buy a Koran.
Bob: Dude, you don't even read your Bible.
Derek: I know I wasted 5 million turkish lire!! aaaahh - total impulse buy
#impulse #buy #stupid #random #inexplainable
Beküldő: amachronic 2007. október 28.
Somebody who has not got the slightest idea nor interest in cars, yet buys the biggest engine size/most expensive trim line/most expensive model in the line just so everyone at the golf club knows that they are making a lot of money.
(Posh totty wooshes buy in her BMW M5)
Petrolhead1: Daaaamnnnn that's a sick ass car man.
Petreolhead2: I know I bet she doesn't even know how much heat that whip is packin, might as well have bought a regular BM.
Petrolhead1: Yeah she's a badge snob alright.
#badge #snob #silly #pointless #amusing #cynical
Beküldő: Amachronic 2007. augusztus 21.
The amazing racial discriminatory phenomenon coined youtubism a hybrid of (youtube and racism) that has erupted on youtube, where any video that has absolutley anything to do with Black , Asian or non-Caucasian people provokes mindless raving lunatics to leave incredibly racist and derogatory comments on the poster's video. Can lead to a racially aggravated rant betwenn said poster and another youtuber who has been lured into replying. See racism
Hillbillyboi456: This video is full of useless lazy n***ers, they should all be lined up and shot.
Pencil432xx: Oh stfu you crazy trailer trash honkey - why you always have to leave KKK comments on our videos man. Your probably some sad lonely pre-teen who craves attention, and hides behind the computer screen.
Amachronic: That's youtubism right there ^^^
#spontaneous #racism #stupid #youtube #shameful #predictable #awful #prejudiced
Beküldő: Amachronic 2007. augusztus 21.
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