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The Sweetest Fucking action Movie ever created with an even more kick ass sequal the third is okay in the first film Arnold plays the murderous robot from the Future who travels to 1984 his mission is to Murder a young Sarah Conner before she can give birth to John Conner whos the leader of a futuristic Army that fights the Machines and he sends down one of his men Kyle Reese to Protect his mom then in the second film Arnold the Terminator is the Hero this time he is Reprogrammed to protect John Conner whos became a grown Child and Sarah who went from an inocent young victim lady that we saw in the first film too Terminator killer the Connors are being Pursued by a Prototype Terminator called the T- 1000 wich is more deadlier and then the third film Arnold returns once again as the Termintor who must rerescue John Conner now a young Adult along with his girlfriend and this time its a female Terminator T.X. going after them
Nice night for a walk
come with me if you want to live
I'll be Back
Fuwk you Ausshole
Get out
Hastalavista Baby
chill out Dickwaud
Beküldő: Admir DeMondo 2004. március 3.
an actor who played Jack Tripper on Threes Company
rest in peace john
Beküldő: Admir DeMondo 2003. december 23.
a telivision show which ran from 1972-1983 about Surgeons at a korean war saving Casualties and there Adventures
Mash is the best show on T.V.
Beküldő: Admir DeMondo 2003. december 23.
see through Footwear that people wear in Hot weather
Sandals feel so fucking good to wear in hot weather
Beküldő: Admir DeMondo 2003. december 23.
a really Awesome sylvester Stallone Movie about a mountain Rescue person who kicks a bunch of terrists ass on the Rocky Moutains
my favorite Scene is the Hellicopter Fight between sly and Bad Guy
Beküldő: Admir DeMondo 2005. február 14.
one of the best 80s teen movies about these five High school students a Jock a Preppy a beauty Queen a Weirdo and a Thug who spend the whole saturday in Detention and end up baring there souls to each other
I grew up with this movie
Beküldő: Admir DeMondo 2004. április 24.
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