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23 definitions by Aaronak

A Godless killing machine.
Stephen Colbert: And the number one threat to America is... bears.
Beküldő: aaronak 2006. április 12.
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The protrusion into our dimension of a vastly hyperintelligent pandimensional being. The mice run the Earth, and it was they who paid for the Magratheans to build it.
The whole business with the cheese and the squeaking is just a front.
Beküldő: Aaronak 2005. január 14.
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Pronounced with silent T's at the end of both words.

The Colbert Report is a television show on Comedy Central that airs at 11:30 PM, Eastern Time. Starring Stephen Colbert, the show makes fun of media pundits who comment on news stories.
line that starts every show: "This is the Colbert Report!"
Beküldő: aaronak 2006. május 2.
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Devices, usually imported from tropical climes, that can be banged together in lieu of riding a horse.
"You've got two empty 'alves of coconut, and you're banging them together!"
Beküldő: aaronak 2004. november 9.
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1- The One who is ugly.

2- A member of the Teen Girl Squad, a cartoon drawn by Strong Bad.
1- That duckling is the ugly one.

2- Cheerleader! So-and-so! What's-her-face! The Ugly One!!!!
Beküldő: aaronak 2004. november 5.
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A word that signifies the beginning of an episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.
"Monty Python's Flying Circus!" (cue Sousa's Liberty Bell March)
Beküldő: aaronak 2006. április 12.
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Hateful towards Jews.
See Anti-semite
People who say that all Jews are greedy are anti-Semitic.

The ADL is on the lookout for anti-semitic activities.
Beküldő: aaronak 2004. október 28.
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