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3 definitions by *Chrissy*

Picking on, bullying, being mean.
"I like your hair today!"
"Me too, but I've got alot of STICK for it though."
Beküldő: *Chrissy* 2006. augusztus 29.
clapping game played by girls aged 4-10

On every "Double" knuckles are banged together.
On every "This" palms are clapped together.
On every "That" backs of hands are bashed together.
"Double double this this,
Double double that that
Double this,
Double That
Double double this that"
Beküldő: *Chrissy* 2006. augusztus 29.
Slang for hot chocolate, usually the very very chocolaty type.
"Crikey, I'm freezing! Pass me that cup of chocca!"
Beküldő: *chrissy* 2006. augusztus 27.