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65 definitions by :)

An awesome stuntman on HOT99.5's Mark and Kris in the morning. He has smoked cicadas, waxed his legs, stapled his butt-cheeks together, and so much more...
Teapot Tim rox my sox!
Beküldő: :) 2004. május 18.
a combanation of chhh and yaaa,meaning you are defenetly going to do something
Billy: are you going the concert?
Jimmy: CHAA!!
Beküldő: :) 2003. április 16.
An idiot and troll of the forums.

Usually found not far behind his interbuddy Genxgenius, and often found posting pictures of some whore called Sheila.
That Testoclesius is such an annoying nerd!
Beküldő: :) 2004. november 22.
The coolest roomies in the world!
Chremmi looks super awesome today! =p
Beküldő: :) 2005. január 24.
Star Wars trash can droid. Notorius for partying hard.
Look, a Gonk. It sure looks dapper, as it parties so hardy.
Beküldő: :) 2004. október 12.
1) N. A fictional size of wang.
Heather saw Chad's Ginormous Cock.
Beküldő: :) 2003. január 29.
A bear (incredibly sexy guy) and his cookie, who despite everything the world throws at them, will love each other forever.
That hot guy and his girl must be a beakie! :)
Beküldő: :) 2005. január 23.