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An attractive female discovered through the tinder dating application.
I saw this absolute tinderella on tinder.
Beküldő: Kirbyjam 2013. október 21.
Used to describe low quality videos
1:dude did you shot this video with a potato?
2:yeah i agree this video has the worse kind of potato quality
Beküldő: awaffleduck 2014. szeptember 8.
An idea whereby all access to the collective Internets is equal. Where no limits on different throughputs or access to services are placed.
Senator Stevens on Net Neutrality:
The internet is not something that you just dump something on... It's not a big truck, it's a series of tubes!

You sir, are an idiot!
Beküldő: Cam!!!!!111oneoneone! 2006. augusztus 22.
When two or more people gather to complain or bitch about their problems.
"Whenever my co-workers are together, they always interwhine."

"Interwhining is not unusual at our annual family reunion."
Beküldő: yes juanito yes 2014. szeptember 8.
Closing your eyes and swiping left and right while on Tinder and hoping for the best.
Person one: woah! I don't remember right swiping that person!

Person two: Damn, you must have been blind tindering again.
Beküldő: Delillah Jayde 2014. szeptember 6.
When you are already swoll as fuck. But you think you still need to get swoll as fuck. It's like a sickness.
Me: "Bro you're swoll as fuck"
Friend: "nahh man I don't think I swoll enough"
Me: "Bro I think you're swollorexic"
Beküldő: Realwinslow 2014. szeptember 2.
Just what it looks like: tits and ass. Also see T&A
Jennifer always gets all the special projects, because it's all about the (.)(.)+(|)
Beküldő: Hoostein 2014. szeptember 2.