jún. 25
Someone who is easy to ingage sexual activity on a regular basis and has no problem doing it with with various different individuals.
Niamh is such a village bicycle.
Yeah totally everyone gets a ride!
Beküldő: Orlando Devon 2007. február 1.
jún. 24
Short form for "usual".
What are you doing tonight? The yujé.
Beküldő: Yingish 2016. június 23.
jún. 23
The pubic hair that sneaks out of a bikini bottom.
Man look at the crotch spiders on her. Impressive.
Beküldő: huskerbob 2015. november 4.
jún. 20
To collect spare change, either from couches, passerbys on the street or any numerous other ways and means
Jimmy doesn't have enough money for the show, he will have to spange.
Beküldő: Mattricio 2003. január 2.
jún. 19
Pretty much the opposite of intercourse, except with clothes on. It consists of male/female couple rubbing up against each other for sexual pleasure.
Damn I literally just had an orgasm for the outercourse.

I know! It was great.
Beküldő: iheartsexmeowmeow 2011. október 13.
jún. 18
it's like homie ;
female verion would be homita ;
a good friend you're close to.
"Eyy homito, que te pasa ?"
Beküldő: x__; flakita. 2008. október 6.
jún. 17
Stands for "I will think of you when I masturbate", A creepy message to put in the back of your classmates yearbooks.
"Julie, HAGS! See you next year! IWTOYWIM!"
Beküldő: Urban Dictionary 2009. január 26.
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