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When you sneak your own booze into a bar, so you don't (or can't) pay for drinks, but can still drink and participate (intoxicated obviously) in all manner of bar antics.
I couldn't afford the expensive drinks at the fancy bar, but all my friends were going. So I decided to pull a sneak easy , and got wasted for about ten bucks!
Beküldő: responsible 2014. augusztus 20.
Something you do it for.
Mom: Why did you do that?
Boy: I do it for the vine.
Beküldő: craicwhoran 2014. augusztus 6.
When a couple makes out longer and more furiously than usual
My god, I can't take Geoff and Ashley. They just won't stop lipbanging! With me in the room even!
Beküldő: Ballsywithdapalsy 2014. augusztus 8.
A way to say "God Dammit" when political correctness is required. It is derived from the iPhone autocorrect function.
This auto correct is driving me crazy, God Donut!
Beküldő: The Glunk 2012. január 7.
(n) a term used to describe a midday session of cocaine use, often ritualized by line cooks during their most stressful shift of the week.
"hey, i'm beat, let's take a break real quick for a nose brunch"
Beküldő: chefgirlRD 2014. augusztus 8.
A hoe who loves to snapchat
Nate is such a snaphoe, look at this dic-pic he sent.
Beküldő: sheeeev 2014. augusztus 10.
the end of the work day on Friday when an employee is most desperate to go home.
"Is it fuckoff o'clock yet?!?"
Beküldő: PhoenixPup 2007. október 5.