jan. 14
To gyrate ones testicles while copulating
Last night I was totally powerballing your mom.
Beküldő: thadude 2006. október 10.
jan. 13
I dont fucking know anymore
Idfka man
Beküldő: Xen ok 2016. január 10.
jan. 10
The akward cuddle between two friends who are not trying to go to far
Man she jus wanna friendship cuddle
Beküldő: max bucannan 2016. január 1.
jan. 9
an explosion of bitchiness
when someone/something pushes you so far that you just bitchplode
"Dude... I was just joking and then she just had a massiv bitchplosion"
Beküldő: lovin'sanDwich3z 2015. december 31.
jan. 8
Finna get crunk is when someone asks you if are ready to turn up/party or get lit.
Person 1: "You guys finna get crunk?!
Person 2: " hell yea finna get crunk! ✌🏽️"
Beküldő: Kay Nava 2016. január 1.
jan. 7
Where you are when everything has gone wrong!
Lost the big sale, and now we're up shit street!
Beküldő: mahatmacoat99 2016. január 2.
jan. 6
Manly tits or saggy man boobs
That fat guy over there has some beefy tits
Beküldő: dickslapyou2015 2016. január 1.
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